This is a three week, all day workshop series for painters interested in learning the portrait. The approach is to teach the portrait through understanding how and where to focus observation and translate what you see into paint.

Featuring detailed demonstrations throughout all stages of the painting: comprehensive explanations of theory such as facial structure, proportions, light, shadow, colour. A special focus will be placed on how to use and adapt standard palette for mixing skin tones.

High quality photos will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own. For oil and acrylic.

Open to oil and acrylic painters with some prior painting experience. Other materials are welcome, but demos will be done in oil and acrylic.

Week 1: Basic drawing and tonal under-painting. Facial structure, light and shadow

Week 2: Blocking in with colour, simplified skin tones using warm and cool colours

Week 3: Refining colour and details.

Date: 3 weeks. Thursdays July 5,12,19. Time 10 am - 4 pm. Materials not included

Instructor: Branka Marinkovic

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