Health Tip: Diet

When it comes to weight loss, it's natural to want things to move quickly. However, studies have shown that the best way to keep weight off is to lose it at a slow and steady pace, think about a pound or two a week. Here are few tricks that will help.

- Replace your morning bagel and cream cheese with an English muffin and cottage cheese.

- Eat a cup of strawberries or other fruits rather than chips or other unhealthy snacks.

- Take half the bread off your lunchtime sandwich and boost your sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, sprouts, cucumber slices, bell peppers, and other fresh veggies. You'll not only only get more crunchier sandwich, you'll make a bigger sandwich with few additional calories and no extra fat.

- Swap your daily chai latte for coffee or tea with skim milk

- While watching TV at home do 20 sit ups or push ups during commercial breaks.

- During the work hours try to take a brief walk every half hour or do some stretching exercises at your desk.

- Instead of ordering food in, during the lunch break check out that healthy snack restaurant few blocks away.

- Get off the subway one stop early, twice a day and walk to work or home.

- Season food with cumin, oregano and other spices instead of salt.

- Eat smaller portions and avoid gorging yourself.

- Write your weight goal & post it where you'll see it everyday.