Health and Beauty Tips

A healthy beautiful body requires conscientious care. Care in what you feed your body is pretty well recognized throughout the world as important on a daily basis for your energy, strength and clarity and good nutrition results in long term health benefits.

Drink With Caution

A cup of coffee can cut through your morning mental daze. However drink too much and your stress might increase, British study found.

The scientists found that when eople downed the caffeine equivalent of 3 cups of java, their sympotoms of psychological stress increased. Caffeine triggers a rise in your blood levels of cortisol, the hormone released when you feel threatened. One solution is to drink black tea, it has less caffeine than coffee and may reduce stress levels.

Juice Power

In a 2006 University of South Florida study, people who drank three or more 4-ounce glasses of fruit or vegetable juice each week, were 76% less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than those who drank less.

The high level of polyphenols - antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables may protect brain cells from the damage that may be caused by the disease the study found out.

Quench Your Appetite.

Pepper your diet with fat-fighting vegetables. Here is a good weight-loss trick: Fill your belly to shrink it.

Penn State researchers found that when people swapped the roast beef and rice on their plates with Lightly buttered broccoli, they ate 86 fewer calories and were just as full.

Vegetables are more filling because they contain water which bulks food up. The top pics include zucchini, cucumbers, cauliflower, and peppers.

Posted by Gene - NY Health and Wellness Guide