About Your Face

By David Maillie

Non-surgical Face Lift

These days, many types of non-surgical face lifts have been devised to lift the sagging face muscles, erase fine lines, wrinkles and scars and impart elasticity to the face. All these methods do not involve any pain or lengthy recuperation period and it can be carried on with other treatments.

Thermage facelift is the current rage amongst the beauty brigade. Relatively inexpensive compared to its surgical counterparts like derma abrasion and chemical peel, this face lift method involves only local anesthesia and is over within an hour, so that you can return to your daily routine without any grogginess or hideous bandages across your face.

The Thermage facelift method uses radiofrequency force to tighten the face and is suited for everybody except those fitted with a pacemaker. It guarantees results within a few days to five months. However, this facelift method is not much effective in treating the severely battered face. Extreme cases merit drastic surgical procedures like CO2 laser therapy.

The Microcurrent facelift is another non-surgical procedure fast gaining ground. Working at the cellular level, this face lift method whets up the body’s natural chemical processes to turn back the hands of time and give you a face to die for.

Over within an hour, the Microcurrent facelift will tone the face and neck muscles, lift the jaw line and the eyebrows, decrease pigmentation and erase fine lines and wrinkles. This facelift process is quite painless; you might only feel a slight tingle when mild electric currents are sent to your face.

Have pins and needles stuck on your arms, legs and face you can emerge with a younger, firmer looking face. That’s acupuncture for you, a non-surgical facelift procedure that is very safe and inexpensive. A huge hit amongst the hoi polloi and the stars alike, its detractors however raise questions about its ability to provide enduring results.

Laser skin rejuvenation or the “lunchtime facelift” doesn’t believe in beating about the bush. It’s a quick face lift where your face is subject to mild laser rays, which send the collagen into an overdrive so that within weeks your wrinkles are erased, acne and blemishes removed and you have a firmer, face to flaunt. Usually devoid of any side effects, some might experience redness in the face, but this subsides within 1-2 hours.

You also have face masks and TCA peels which are easy to use, suit all skin types and give you a flawless, well-toned face. TCA skin peels have been proven to be the most effective of the non-surgical face lift procedures as it can cure susch a wide range of skin problems and disorders - from wrinkles and fine lines to age spots and acne. TCA skin peels are a must have in your anti-aging and non-surgical regimen.