Santa-Fe Chicken Salad

Gene - Posted 2009

Learn how to make this very easy and extremely healthy Santa-Fe Chicken Salad. In less than 30 minutes you will have a wonderful healthy dish.

Servings: 4
Preperation Time: About 25 minutes

1-2 lbs of boneless chicken breasts
Low sodium taco seasoning
Romaine lettuce
Grape tomatoes
Red Onion
Black Beans
Fat Free Cheddar Cheese
Fresh Salsa
Low Fat Sour Cream

Spray baking dish with olive oil. Place chicken breast pieces inside the dish and sprinkle with taco seasoning. Bake at 400 degrees F. for about 20 minutes.

When done take out chicken and chop into 1 inch cubes add to a large salad bowl.

Into the same bowl add and mix romaine, tomatoes, avocado, black beans, corn, onion, cilantro and cheese in a large bowl.

Add salsa and sour cream and pour over salad.
Mix all the ingredients, add salt and pepper if needed.