Financing A New Car In A Tight Economy

If you are looking to buy a new car, now is the time to do so. Most borrowers are thinking that buying a new car with the economy tight and the global economic crisis in full swing will be difficult. On the contrary, now is the best time to buy.

Save On The Current Year Model

The most obvious reason for buying your new car now is that dealers, just like consumers, are worried about their finances, too. What this spills over for to you as a consumer is that dealers are looking to unload inventory that has been slow to move during the past year. Especially with the new model year approaching, dealers who are stuck with inventory from this year are hesitant to hold it over to the new year. This translates for reduced overall costs to make a new car purchase.

For borrowers who are looking to finance some or all of their new car purchase, the credit market has opened up slightly, and lenders are writing loans again for those with all credit types. Although you have a greater chance of approval if you have a credit score higher than 650, lenders are always willing to forego traditional loan writing practices for borrowers with bad credit when it comes to automobile financing. Why? Because they will hold a lien against the title of the car until you pay it in full. This gives the lender less of a risk than with any other loan.

Making A Down Payment

As a borrower, you should elect to pay down on the automobile you wish to purchase if at all possible. For bad credit borrowers, you may be required to pay down at least ten percent of the total vehicle purchase price to secure financing. For borrowers of all credit types, making a down payment can be very advantageous because it means you will owe less, your monthly payments will be less, and you can pay your car loan off sooner.

Paying For Your New Automobile

Most car loans are written for up to sixty months. You can always choose to accept sixty months as your payment term, or you can choose to pay your car loan off sooner. Remember, the sooner that you pay off your car loan, the less the car will cost you in terms of total price, because you will be paying less interest.

Bad credit borrowers will be required to pay more interest than those with good credit, but you can always choose to apply with a cosigner who has good credit. A cosigner can be your parent, friend, relative, or coworker who knows you well enough to believe that you will make your automobile payments as planned. If not, they also agree to make the payments on your behalf.

Many borrowers are turning to the Internet to find the automobile loans and financing they need. Online lenders offer approval for buyers with all types of credit histories, and you can usually be approved within just hours.

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